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Our Guide to Calor Gas

At Adams Gas, we’re one of the biggest distributors in the South East, and we’re proud to supply our gas products up and down the country.

You’ll find everything from BBQ gas, butane, propane, Camping Gaz plus forklift and auto gas in our Calor range. Whether you’re looking for products for commercial or domestic usage, we’re confident that we have the gas bottles you need.

In this blog, we’ll look at the different uses and applications for Calor gas. 

Calor Butane and Propane Gas 

Calor gas is a bottled butane and propane brand that creates a wide range of home, business, and automotive fuels.Our range of Calor gases are extremely popular and versatile — they can be used at home, in your workplace or on holiday. The smaller bottles are great for portable use, whilst the larger canisters are suitable for heating caravans, patios or powering barbecues.

Butane Gas Cyliners

View our 7kg Butane cylinder  |  View our 15kg Butane cylinder

When lighting up your gas BBQ with butane or propane, it’s important to consider that butane will burn cleaner as it only produces CO2 when lit. Butane is more energy-efficient, producing around 12% more energy than propane when the same volume of each gas is burned. This makes butane particularly attractive to those who light up their BBQ a few times a week. 

If you’d like to find out more information on these gases, check out our blog on the differences between butane and propane.

Our patio gas bottle refills are available in 5kg or 13kg at affordable prices. We’re proud to provide gas bottle refills on a contractual basis, including the collection, filling and, of course, re-delivery of cylinders that you own.

Forklift and AutoGas 

The two main types of forklift gas are liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). LPG forklifts are a popular and versatile choice, running off a mix of propane, butane and other chemicals.

Our 12kg and 18kg refill cylinders are Ideal for forklift trucks and any other liquid off-take requirement.

The Industrial Forklift truck ; Seen by Top View

Forklift gas works by allowing air to enter a “one-way” valve, enabling the gas to go in without leaking back out. When the amount of gas in the cylinder increases, the pressure inside it does too. The pressure, applied across the area of the piston head, creates an upward force.

Camping Gas Bottles 

We stock a range of different camping gas brands, so you can guarantee you’ll always find what you’re looking for. 

Our compact Coleman C250 canister is great for a couple of nights wild camping or for longer trips, choose our Campingaz 907 bottle — it’s ideal for cooking and heating.

If you’d like to find out more about caravan and camping cooking equipment, follow the link to our blog and start planning for your next trip.

Business Opportunities 

If you’re seeking a new business opportunity to sell gas as one of our stockists or to expand your range further, we’re here to help with up to 50% profit on each sale.

LPG Gas Bottles. LPG plant

You can choose from our wide range of gas products, and you’ll be pleased to know that we take care of the heavy lifting when we supply. So, all you need to focus on is delivering products to customers in your local area for a healthy profit each month.

Head over to our blog on how to supply various industries as a stockist to find out more information on how to provide gases to the various industries that need them. 

We deliver butane cylinders and refills, forklift cylinders, patio cylinders, and propane gas regularly throughout Kent, East Kent, East Sussex and South London. 

For more information about Calor gas or our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01843 220 596 or 0800 195 4445 to discuss your requirements today!


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