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5 Ways for Businesses to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint can play a significant role in lowering costs and boosting your corporate social responsibility goals.

At Adams Gas, we put heavy emphasis on environmentally friendly practices. We offer gas cylinder filling on a contractual basis involving collection, filling and re-delivering customer-owned cylinders.

What are the top tips to lower your carbon emissions?  

  • Reconsider transportation
  • Invest in technology 
  • Get your staff involved 
  • Reduce waste, reuse and recycle 
  • Remove single-use plastics 

Let’s look in more detail at the different ways you can lower your emissions:

Reconsider Transportation 

Transportation is one of the largest sources of carbon emissions in the UK and so by reducing the number of miles your company travels, you can lower your impact on the environment. 

Most businesses rely on transportation for deliveries, networking and commuting, so we’re not suggesting to stop. We’re just promoting efficient vehicles, eco-driving, and fewer air miles.

It’s important to think about how we’re driving. Could we bulk deliver? Take fewer connecting flights? Or how about holding a video meeting instead of travelling? Reconsidering transport and choosing more sustainable ways of working can boost your CSR and make a huge difference in your yearly emissions.

Transportation and Logistics, Truck on motorway and industrial container cargo with icon of network distribution on blue background.

Invest in Technology 

By investing in technologies such as smart meters or an integrated building management system, you can expect to reduce your consumption and emissions significantly.

Low and zero-carbon technologies emit low levels of CO2 emissions, or none at all. You can incorporate carbon zero technologies to improve your overall energy-efficiency.

By using low-carbon energy and natural resources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, you can promote renewable energy which is good for the environment. Solar energy has proven to be one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy for home and commercial use. 

Green factory concept

Get your Staff Involved 

Your employees are at the heart of your business and changing or adapting their behaviour can have a significant impact on reducing your emissions. From car shares to correctly managing equipment and reducing waste, you can contribute toward more sustainable practices. 

It’s important to educate your staff with programs on how they can help to reduce their carbon footprint. Incentives such as the cycle to work scheme, working from home and getting involved in sustainable activities at work can really make a difference. 

Reduce Waste, Reuse and Recycle 

By managing and reducing your waste, you can make a big difference. Start small, with things such as recycling efficiently, using food waste bins and becoming paperless where possible.

Adams Gas provide gas cylinder filling services for CO2 gas bottles, Nitrogen gas bottles, Oxygen, Argon and Helium for use in many industries.

Gas canisters safe storage

Filling gas cylinders can be a dangerous process for an untrained professional. Our friendly team offer a reliable and punctual service to ensure an efficient and safe process and are always on hand to assist with a gas bottle refill. This is far better than disposing of a canister every time you need gas. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about sustainable waste practices, check out our blog on how to recycle your gas cylinders

Remove Single-Use Plastics 

From carrier bags to water bottles and food packaging, single-use packaging is a serious problem for many businesses. The impact of this plastic waste on our health and the environment has been drastic.

Sustainable alternatives are easily available and affordable, plus you can reduce the amount of plastic pollution and reduce waste with potential environmental and health hazards.

By disposing of electronics properly, purchasing business supplies in bulk and shopping locally, you can have a huge impact on lowering your contribution toward single-use plastic waste. 

We would always recommend safely recycling gas cylinders (where possible) and the British Compressed Gas Association asks that you return empty or finished cylinders to bottled gas suppliers for further use or safe and efficient recycling.

Adams Gas take great pride in our customer service, and we offer a delivery service in Kent, East Sussex and South London.

If you would like more information about any of our gas products or supplies, please get in touch to speak to a friendly team member who can advise you further.


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