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Different Uses for Our Gas Bottles

Bottled gases have a wide range of applications. When most people think of gas bottles, they probably think of helium canisters to blow up balloons at birthday parties. While this is a popular use for helium gas, there are many different types of gas that can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Here’s a look at just some of the places where you can find our gas bottles in action.


During the summer, gardens across the UK are full of smoke, and the sounds of laughter as families enjoy this favourite summer activity. Some people may opt for charcoal on an old fashioned BBQ, but many prefer the convenience and ease of use of a gas BBQ. As the name suggests, gas BBQs require gas bottles to fuel them, such as butane or propane gas. Our patio gas is propane that comes in refillable 5kg or 13kg bottles. You can prepare your BBQ meals outside in no time at all, with instant flames ready to cook. Whether you’re entertaining guests outdoors or enjoying a camping holiday, our BBQ gas can get your grill fired up.

Detail Of Beef Burgers and sausages Cooking On A Barbecue


Whether you’re an industry professional or a hobby welder, MIG and TIG welding gas are used to prevent the exposure of the molten weld to the oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen in the air, or water vapour, which can cause a number of issues like holes in the weld bead or excessive spatter. This shielding gas creates a barrier that allows you to weld safely and achieve the desired result.

There are different gases used for welding, such as argon and helium or a combination of these with other gases like CO2, oxygen and hydrogen. The gases blanket the weld, creating the protection that ensures you get a perfect weld every time.

welder works in metal construction - construction and processing of steel components

Beer and Cellar Gas

For people who brew their own beer or own a bar or brewery, gas bottles are used to give certain beers their effervescence. Beer gases, which are made with mixtures of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, add fizz to beers and can also improve the taste and extend their shelf life. At Adams Gas, we can provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking for beer, pub and cellar gas services, or smaller cylinders for home bars.

Close up of bartender pouring draft beer in glass

Food Preservation

Nitrogen gas can be used to preserve food and wine in a process known as controlled atmospheric storage. It used to store a range of food items like grains and fruit and vegetables. Nitrogen in the atmosphere reduces or prevents the growth of microorganisms, slowing down the overall oxidations process which causes foods to go off and become inedible. By altering the atmospheric conditions, you and slow down the natural decaying process.

Punnet of fresh healthy baby tomatoes displayed on a wooden table with some spread around alongside , copy space to the side

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be an advantage in the summer months, especially for businesses that want to keep their employees and customers comfortable during those heat waves. We offer nitrogen gas bottles rent-free for your air conditioner.

Nitrogen is relatively inert, not reacting with stored materials that carry moisture, making it the perfect solution for flushing all contaminants out of an air conditioning unit. You can keep your air conditioner clean and blockage-free, ensuring it works effectively and the cool air circulates around the entire space.

Pipeline air in large buildings.


Paintball is a popular pastime that involves shooting opponents with balls of paint in some kind of arena. Bottled CO2 or compressed air sits in a tank on the paintball gun and propels the paintballs out when the trigger is pressed, firing the paint into an opponent. We provide CO2 tanks in 1.5kg, 3.15kg, 6.35kg, 15kg and 34kg.

paintball sport player wearing protective mask aiming gun and shotted down with paint splash in summer


If you’ve ever watched F1, you’ll know that the tyres are filled with gas on the track, ready for the races. Nitrogen gas bottles are typically used in motorsports because the molecules remain more stable during temperature changes – which frequently occur during races – and help the tyres stay at the correct pressure for longer, helping them remain stable and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

2006 Formula One Grand Prix car smoking its super slick tires. The Formula One Grand Prix car is engulfed in white smoke.


Hydroponics is a type of horticulture that involves growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions. Plants may grow with their roots exposed to a nutritious liquid. This process is used to ensure plants can be grown all year round in indoor environments, so they can still be produced when they would not be able to thrive outdoors. Hydroponics also requires less space than traditional plant growing. We provide bottled gases that provide food-grade CO2 required for plant growth.

Closeup group of sapling of hydroponic vegetable in vegetable farm textured background

So as you can see, bottled gases crop up everywhere. At Adams Gas, we have a vast range of bottled gases for both industry and home use. Whether you need helium for balloons, gas to power your BBQ or nitrogen gas to preserve your food, we can help.

Our bottles are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and can be refilled. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.