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Our Guide to Helium Gas

Helium is the second most abundant element in the entire universe and has a wide range of uses. You’ll find it in medical equipment, airships and it even helps get rockets off the ground – but most of us are familiar with helium as the gas used to inflate balloons for parties and other celebrations. With helium-filled balloons, you can create show-stopping balloon displays that will wow your guests. Today we’re going to look closer look at how helium is used and how it is available for both home and trade use.

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What Are Helium Balloons?

Helium is an odourless, colourless, non-flammable gas. When used to fill a balloon, the balloon will float because helium is lighter than air. It can be purchased for both at home and trade use through a trusted gas supplier and, depending on your requirements, is available in disposable and returnable gas cylinders.

There are different types of balloons suitable for inflation with helium:

Latex Balloons

These are the balloons you’ll find in every card or party shop and are readily available online. Latex balloons are elastic and designed to expand to up to 5x their original size. Regular latex balloons can tolerate helium but will deflate slowly after 8-10 hours and burst if overinflated. They’re great for small, at-home gatherings, birthday parties and one-off events where you’re likely to be blowing up your balloons on the same day that they will be used – a cheap and cheerful option.

Latex Helium Balloons

Latex helium balloons are the premium choice for balloons requiring helium inflation over using an air pump. Latex helium balloons are designed explicitly with helium inflation in mind. Latex helium balloons can stay inflated for up to four days – making them an excellent option for party planners who want to prepare their balloons ahead of an event and not worry about them deflating overnight.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons will retain their helium longer than latex balloons and can often last for over a week before losing buoyancy. The foil is tough and less prone to popping than latex. However, they are more vulnerable to heat damage and don’t enjoy being exposed to hot temperatures.

The sturdy nature of foil balloons means they’re a great choice if you need a balloon that has been pre-formed into a specific shape, often featuring colourful designs or cartoon characters printed onto the foil. Foil balloons make great gifts for children or if you need balloons moulded into something other than the typical balloon shape – like numbers and letters.

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Helium Canisters for Trade and Home Use

Once you’ve decided which kind of balloon you want to use, you’re going to need some helium to inflate them. What kind of canister you require will depend on how much and how regularly you plan on using your helium. There are options available for everyone:

Disposable Helium Canister for Home Use or Single-Use

If you only need enough helium for one party or event, then you should opt for a small, disposable canister of helium like the Fill’N’Away Disposable Helium Cylinder. The lightweight, portable canister comes with everything you need to fill enough balloons for an at-home party or one-off event. Its portability means that you can fill your balloons on location rather than having to cram them into your car.

Helium for Trade and Regular

If you’re a business that regularly uses helium – like a restaurant, party shop or a wedding planner, a small disposable canister probably won’t be able to handle the number of balloons you need to inflate. In this case, you should opt for a refillable helium cylinder. These larger cylinders come in a range of sizes and contain much more helium than their disposable counterparts. The gas supplier owns the bottle, which is swapped out for a full one when you run out of helium. Since you only pay for the helium inside the cylinder, this option is ecologically and economically beneficial for those in trade.

Helium Gas & Balloon Kits

If you’re looking for an all-in-one helium and balloon kit without the bother of having to source your balloons and gas separately, or you own a business that wants to offer helium gas and balloon kits to your customers – Adams gas has the solution for you.

We offer Helium Gas & Balloon Kits for home use so you can get inflating straight away. These kits not only come with a disposable helium canister but a variety of coloured balloons and a roll of ribbon to tie your balloons up with and stop them from floating away.

If you’re looking to sell helium balloon kits to your customers, we also offer our wholesale disposable helium gas cylinders, which can be branded with your company logo.

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Can I Get Helium Balloons Delivered to the UK?

You can get helium balloon gas delivered to your door from Adams Gas by simply placing your order online, speaking to one of our stockists or Adams Gas directly. We deliver to Kent, East Sussex, and some selected South London postcodes. If your address falls outside our usual delivery area, we’ll pass on your contact details to your nearest stockist – they’ll then contact you to arrange delivery and payment. If you don’t have a local Adams Gas stockist, we offer a courier delivery service on all cylinder sizes – contact us today to find out more