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What Opportunities are Available as a Stockist?

Over the last 25 years, we’ve built our reputation on being the South-East’s biggest gas supplier of bottled gas products. While we already have a well-established client base across the UK, we’re always looking for reliable stockists to join our network.

Our gas products are an ideal additional revenue stream for your business on top of your current products and services. We have a wide range of stockists on our books, including welding suppliers, party shops, motor mechanics, tool hire depots, hobby welders and much more. Browse our case studies for more information on our stockist’s business models and key distribution successes. 

In this blog, we’ll talk you through the type of returns you can expect when you become a stockist of Adams Gas, as well as the benefits of working alongside a trusted and experienced supplier.

What Kind of Return Can I Expect to See?

There is a potential for our stockists to see up to a 50% clear profit margin on every sale —  potentially more if you provide gas cylinder filling regularly. Once you have established your client base and the gas bottles they need (for both trade and domestic purposes), you can expect to see financial rewards very quickly.

The industries you can work with really are limitless. From farming to engineering, entertainment, maintenance and welding supplies, we can help you scale up your business, adding a profitable sales arm to your growing company.

You can choose to stock a wide range of bottle gas products, and you’ll be happy to know that we take care of the heavy lifting when we supply. Your primary focus will be on delivering gas to customers in your local area for a healthy profit each month.

What You Can Expect From Adams Gas

We always want to see our stockists succeed, which is why we will inform you of regular lead opportunities from our highly visited national website. You can then coordinate this information with your local clientele and store sales — if you do this effectively, there is the capacity for large profit margins.

 We understand that gas is a very competitive market, so we will provide you with a dedicated sales area. We will not set up any further stockists within this area — this gives you the scope to grow your network.

As a valued Adams Gas stockist, you will not only benefit from receiving high-quality products, but we can also offer training and technical support for selling and distributing our gases.

What Adams Gas Expect From Our Stockists

As a stockist, you should have the correct equipment in place and be comfortable running a collection and/or delivery service in your area. You will also be expected to handle your own sales enquiries, and you will benefit significantly from promoting your gas products in your local area to supplement the leads from our website.

If you are interested, there is also the option to set up a smaller stockist network within your assigned area. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

What Gas Products Can Adams Gas Supply?

You can open up your business to many new opportunities and industries when it comes to gas bottles. At Adams Gas, we have something for every application, including Beer Gas, CO2 gas, Nitrogen, Helium, and TIG & MIG Welding Gas. Below, we will take a brief look at how each gas can be used within various industries.

alcohol being poured into a glass (close up)

TIG & MIG Welding Gas

You can sell our MIG welding gas and TIG welding gas to the public in a variety of sizes that are easy to carry and store. The small portable bottles are ideal for small site workers, like car restorers or hobby welders.

Helium Balloon Gas

Our helium gas can be sold to wedding planners, party shops, or those who organise more formal occasions. The disposable tanks are great for small one-off events, and the refillable option is sustainable for business use, like in the motor industry or by market traders.

Nitrogen Gas

Our nitrogen cylinders serve a wide range of applications, from food and wine preservation to air conditioning and purging, fire suppression, and motorsports.

CO2 Gas

Choose from a variety of CO2 gas bottle sizes, from 1.5kg up to 34kg. CO2 is regularly used in aquatics, at paintballing venues, and for glass frosting in hospitality, as well as hydroponics and plant growth.

Beer Gas

Our cellar and beer gas is one of the most cost-effective on the market. Not only are our cylinders affordable, but the quality of the gas means that you can improve the taste and extend the life of your customer’s stock.

We hope you’ll agree that this is a great business opportunity for you to add a reliable, additional revenue stream while working with a top UK supplier. We’d love to be a part of your business growth by supplying our quality line of gas products.

If you’d like to find out more about our business opportunities and work alongside Adams Gas as a stockist, please get in touch, and we can answer any questions you may have.