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New Year Resolutions: Caring For Your BBQ

Well the New Year is officially upon us; it’s 2016! And with each New Year tends to come an influx of ‘new year, new me’ declarations. Well, just because our team here at Adams Gas are involved in the provision of welding gas, Calor gas and the like, we don’t want to be excluded from the resolutions! Our resolutions will be televised… well, at least logged in our blog.

The BBQ season may seem fairly far away, but it’ll be upon you faster than you can say, “Just the one burger thanks. Oh go on then.” As such, we would like to combine the two and offer some New Year barbecuing resolutions for you to consider to get the best out of summer’s best friend; your barbecue.

grilled skewers of meat and vegetables
Clean After Use

It may not be number one priority when you’re full and you have a cool beverage in your hand but, trust us, you’ll be glad you did it. It’s actually easier to clean a barbecue while it is still warm, preventing the opportunity for all that yummy fat and gristle to set solid on your BBQ. We’ve heard stories of people leaving their barbecue for days on end, even months, and this does nothing for the longevity of your barbecue. Make a promise to your barbie-buddy that you’ll give it a clean after use, and you’ll be enjoying their company long into the future.

Store It Somewhere Dry

This one’s an easy one! It may sound a little ridiculous that people don’t do this, but it happens. This includes places that have a damp environment; it has a similar effect. If you store it somewhere wet, then all the usual suspects begin to rear their head, like rust and creepy crawlies, and these don’t do your barbecue’s longevity any favours… nor the taste of your food!

Expand Your Repertoire!

Burgers and sausages are great, but what about the ol’ Scouts’ favourite, bananas and chocolate? Slice a banana lengthways, chuck in a few chunks of chocolate and close it back up by wrapping the whole thing in tin-foil. Et voila! Hint: add bits of marshmallow; you may as well ruin your health kick in style! Make your barbecues a thing of legend by blowing the socks off your guests!

Vegetarian barbecue with tomato, eggplant, grilled on grill
Barbecues are wondrous things that play a huge part of our nostalgia and enjoyment of summer, so make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve; they’ll return the favour! As such, in preparation of warmer climates, why not grab yourself your barbecue gas; you never know when the sun may strike again! To get in touch, all you have to do is contact us on 01843 220 596, where we are always eager to answer any questions or help you get prepared for barbecue season. Alternatively, you can find our team lurking over on Facebook and Twitter, so we hope to see you there!