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What Are Industrial Gases and How Are They Used?

Industrial gases are manufactured to be sold and used in industrial applications, such as manufacturing, oil refining, cleaning and transportation. There are different types of industrial gases, including nitrogen, helium, CO2, argon, propane and butane, and we supply them all at Adams Gas.

workmen at an industrial plant

What Are Industrial Gases?

As we already mentioned, industrial gases are those used in industry. Many of them are the same as gases used in a domestic setting but offered in much larger cylinders to satisfy the demands of industrial applications. They can be stored in other forms and can be sold and used in a pure state or mixed with other gases. These industrial gases must also be ready to use at any time, which means that they need to be stored adequately and transported safely.

We have several industrial gas cylinders available, so if you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to speak to us. Take a look at some of the industrial gases you can find at Adams Gas and how they’re used:


Our nitrogen gas cylinders can be used in many different sectors and industries, including the food and drinks manufacturing sector, where it’s used to package fizzy and still drinks (from water to wine) and helps to extend the lifespan of packaged consumables.

Nitrogen can also be found in air conditioning applications, as it can help you clean AC units and keep them from oxidising. If you’re a fan of motorsports, you’ll be happy to know this gas is used to inflate tyres and assist drivers in making the most of every millisecond.

tyre filled with nitrogen for a racing car

Carbon Dioxide

CO2 can be used in many different ways and industries, such as theatre and hydroponics. Our CO2 bottles are also popular for applications such as glass frosting, including in bars and pubs, since they allow for glasses to be served cold to customers (this can help to keep drinks fizzy and ensures the ice on their drinks doesn’t melt as soon as it gets to the table).

Carbon dioxide can help create special effects in theatre and stage plays, ensuring a better experience for viewers and also promotes plant growth in aquariums.

This means that carbon dioxide is useful for a wide range of applications and can be used as an industrial gas. Whether you’re looking to play paintball or set off a confetti cannon, you need CO2 to make it happen.


Helium gas is widely known around the world as gas for balloons (and the gas that makes people’s voices funny), but you can use it for many other things.

For example, helium is incredibly useful in manufacturing LCD panels and fibre optic wire, as it keeps all components cold enough to ensure nothing gets damaged or breaks. Helium is also a welding gas, suitable for metals like aluminium.

And, yes, if you want to have a balloon that floats up instead of dropping to the ground as soon as you release it, helium is the gas for you – this is also why it’s used in meteorology as well, as it lifts balloons carrying instruments.


Because this gas is inert, it’s often mixed with other gases to weld non-ferrous metals, meaning it’s a must-have in the industrial welding sector. Argon can also be used in the casting industry (for example, in heat treatment), to make neon lights, and in 3D printing.

Take a look at why you can’t use the same gases for MIG and TIG welding in our blog, as we talk about this and other gases.

3d printer


There are many applications for propane as well, mainly in manufacturing. In fact, this gas is heavily used to create plastic and run the machines needed to manufacture products in factories. Industrial uses for propane also include metal cutting and manufacturing solvents and even rubber.

If you’re looking for propane gas, you’ll find it at Adams Gas. Let us know if you have any questions about how to best use it – our experienced and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.


Another gas we stock is the highly flammable butane gas. This product doesn’t have any colour or odour. It can be found in the domestic, commercial and industrial appliances sector because it acts as fuel and refrigerant. For instance, butane can be found in lighters, stoves and aerosols.

No matter why you need industrial gas bottles, we’ve got you covered. As gas cylinder suppliers, we can help you find the best gases for your project, either direct through our online store or one of our stockists. If you are interested in becoming an Adams Gas stockist, we have plenty of business opportunities for reputable businesses looking for a reliable, additional revenue stream for their existing offering.