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Which Industries Could You Supply as a Stockist?

We’re always on the lookout for well-established businesses across the UK to join the Adams Gas stockist network. By adding our gas products to your existing business offering, you’ll be tapping into a lucrative revenue stream. We have a wide range of gases available; the ones you decide to stock are up to you, and the decision will be guided by the industries you want to supply. If you’re still wondering how our gases could sit alongside other products in your business, keep reading to better understand the different sectors you could supply as an Adams Gas stockist.

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The Hospitality Industry – Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

There are approximately 38,500 food-led licensed premises in the UK and a further 57,000 wet-led licensed premises. Most of these businesses utilise bottled gas in their day-to-day operations. Any venue serving draught beer will rely on gas to keep the beer flowing, and pubs, bars and restaurants must have a reliable, consistent supply of gas to keep things running smoothly. Stocking pub gas is an excellent choice for those prepared to deliver gas to local licensed premises weekly and who have a solid reputation in their area for being reliable, punctual and flexible. Running out of gas can be incredibly detrimental to wet-led businesses, and suppliers who can offer out-of-hours gas delivery or emergency orders will thrive in this sector.

What Kind of Gas Could You Supply to Hospitality?

  • CO2 – for draught lager, cider and post-mix dispensing
  • CO2/Nitrogen Mixes – for stouts, smooths, bitters and craft beer
  • Helium – less frequently, but often used for balloons and celebrations

Seasonal or Year-Round?

Supplying gas to your local hospitality sector is a year-round opportunity. However, you may see upticks in demand across the summer months for venues with beer gardens and in December when venues are busier, thanks to Christmas celebrations.

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two welders working on a weld

Professional and Hobbyist Welders

Becoming an Adams Gas stockist is an obvious choice for any business that deals in welding supplies and consumables. With our comprehensive range of MIG and TIG welding gases in a variety of sizes, we’ve made it easy to access both the hobbyist and professional welding markets. Depending on your business,  you can choose to supply both hobby gas and trade gas, or focus your efforts on one or the other. Many industries rely on welding, including agriculture, construction and automotive, so choosing to supply trade gas can open up serval revenue streams.

What Kind of Gas Could You Supply to Welders?

  • Argon – for TIG welding
  • Argon/CO2 Mixes – for MIG welding
  • Propylene – for fusion welding, cutting and heating metals

Seasonal or Year-Round?

Supplying welding gas, particularly for trade, is a year-round opportunity. However, if you choose to go down the hobbyist route, you may find demand dipping in the coldest months, as cold welding can impact the technique and finish; non-professionals may be put off by this.

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patio gas butane attached to bbq

Domestic Heating and Patio Gas

If you’re looking for business opportunities that allow you to capture the domestic market, offering propane gas and butane gas to your customers can be an excellent supplement. There are around 4 million off-mains homes in the UK that aren’t connected to the national gas network. Many of these rely on LPG gas bottles for heat, and even those on the gas network often consume LPG by using BBQs and patio heaters. Supplying propane and butane can also be a fitting addition for businesses geared towards camping, outdooring and motorhomes. Hikers regularly rely on Campingaz cylinders to cook food outdoors, and motorhomes require gas to power their cookers.

What Kind of Gas Could You Supply For Domestic and Recreational Use?

  • Large Volume Propane – for off-mains home heating
  • Smaller Volume Propane and Butane – for BBQs, patio heaters and motorhomes
  • Campingaz – portable canisters for outdoor living

Seasonal or Year-Round?

LPG bottles for BBQs and patio heaters will predominantly be seasonal, with demand rising in the summer months. However, supplying LPG for off-mains heating will be year-round if the LPG is also used to power kitchen equipment like hobs and overs, with natural surges in the winter when the heating systems are on.

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woman working in food processing

Food and Drinks Industry

We’ve discussed how businesses can benefit from supplying the hospitality sector with gas. Still, there are more opportunities to be had for those looking to provide gas to other industries centred around food and drink. For example, suppose your business is adjacent to food production, processing or packaging, or you have connections in those sectors. In that case, there is room for the supply of food grade CO2 and nitrogen, which are frequently used in food growth and preservation.

What Kind of Gas Could You Supply to the Food and Drinks Industry?

  • Nitrogen – for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), food and drinks preservation, and glass frosting.
  • Food Grade CO2 – for hydroponics

Seasonal or Year-Round?

Stocking nitrogen and food-grade CO2 is a year-round opportunity, as there is always demand for food production and preservation.

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Adams Gas is a versatile gas supplier. We understand that demand for our products spans multiple industries, and you could help satisfy demand by joining our stockist network. Contact us today to learn more about working with us as a stockist.